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Hi all

Apparently there are still people reading this blog.  Readership seemed to fall off for quite a while, so I stopped writing very much.  It is hard for me to come up with post ideas unless something really inspires me.  I’ve been busy enough lately, and working on other things, that I haven’t had a lot of trich related inspiration.  I’m still pulling quite a lot.  I started working with a new homeopath and was hoping the new remedy might give me some hope as far as pulling.  However, after starting the new remedy, I actually had stronger and more obvious urges than I really ever remember having before.  They were just really at the forefront of my thinking and extra hard to resist.  It was not cool.  Unfortunately, as it works with homeopathy, sometimes things get worse so they make you better (ie Nux Vomica taken for an upset stomach can actually make you throw up, but that is what gets the offending item out of your system faster.  Often, once you go through that bad moment, you feel tons better.). 

I haven’t had that experience with the pulling, but I’ve been doing it so long, that it could take years for the remedy to touch the urges & behavior.  Not to mention I haven’t really been using any other tools to help it along.  I’m really just living my life as it goes & if pulling gets in the way okay, but I really try not to focus on it much.  Too much stress and wasted energy comes from thinking about it all the time.  If I find something that works to reduce or eliminate my trich, I will be totally over joyed.  In the meantime, I am just trying to live the best I can in spite of it.


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