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Another Hair Cut

My Hair Cut post from 2008 seems to always be the front runner in my “top posts” list. I’m not really sure why this is except for that people seem to find my blog via a search for photos. The self conscious part of me is still weirded out by that.

In fact, I find I’m still weirded out by hair cuts. Even though my dad cuts my hair, I hate having it done. I’m never sure how it is going to look since I have the spiral curls with a mind of their own, & SO much missing right now. The old adage “oh, it will grow out” just does NOT give me comfort. In all reality, while the hair WILL all grow at some point, it isn’t necessarily going to grow well or end up looking nice.

For a while, when I had more hair, I tried to be a champion & I forced myself into the salon where I could chat with the stylist about trich. Now that I have barely any hair to get trimmed, I just can’t make myself spend the money to have someone cut two straight lines. My dad is able to do a good job & he is willing, so I take advantage of that. It feels like a cop out though. If I could get my hair trimmed for $5 or for free, I’d still put myself “in front of the firing range” and expose my poor almost-bald scalp, just for the sake of “the cause”. I just can’t bring myself to spend money to do such a thing though. Does that make me less of an advocate?

How do you deal with hair cuts?


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Any of you who are members of the Trichotillomania Learning Center should’ve already received this info, but I want to make sure it is out there for everyone else too.  TLC just released a document from their Scientific Advisory Board about what Trich & BFRBs are, what the effective treatments are & are not, as well as what treatment might look like for patients of various ages.  Medication is addressed as well.

Right now you can download the pdf from their website, or from here if you want to save a step.  I think this would be a fantastic way to share information about this disorder with your doctors and therapists if you feel like they don’t have a good understanding of your condition.  Since it is written by therapists & doctors, it is based on research & clinical experience and is full of the most up to date & accurate information.  However, it is written for the client to be able to understand, so it is still accessible & understandable.

Take a look at it yourself & then make sure to forward it on to anyone you think might need or want a better understanding about the treatments available for Trich these days.  A lot has changed since I first diagnosed myself & had to teach my doctor about my disorder!  More still needs to, so that we can all receive well advised & adequate care.

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