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I had a bout of insomnia this week with three nights of laying in bed unable to fall asleep.  I managed to go to work & function relatively okay.  I struggled with it most in the evenings though.  I definitely ran out of energy as soon as I put my things down by the front door.  I didn’t want to cook (ie eat the way I should), didn’t feel like drinking the water I desperately needed with this bone cold dry air we have right now.  More so, I didn’t feel like fighting myself about my hair.  Or more accurately, the thought of using tools or resisting urges never even crossed my mind.

So, I pulled a lot this week.  It is frustrating because I feel like I’m running out of time to make some actual headway before August, but that isn’t a healthy way to think about things.   I’m just going to move on.  It really doesn’t matter.  Last night I slept better, so hopefully it was just a passing thing & I can focus on tools & such as I catch up on sleep.  But, it is amazing to see what a lack of sleep will do.  Doubly so, since I’d actually gone to bed on time & should have been feeling good!


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