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Soo Sorry

It has been ages since I posted last. I’ve been frustrated and haven’t felt like I have much to offer anyone. I’m still struggling to use my tools and it isn’t going so well.  I didn’t receive email notifications of some of the recent comments from you readers, so I’m really sorry if you’ve been awaiting a reply and I never responded.  I promise I’m posting them and replying now!

Adding to my stress, but also a really good thing is that my presentation “BFRBs and Music Therapy” was accepted so I’m going to present it at our NATIONAL Music Therapy conference in November. This is going to be a lot of work. It will be the first time talking about my (our) disorder with & among collegues. This was something I tried to hide in college. When I told some profs I was told that maybe I shouldn’t be a therapist after all. That just made me fight to get my degree more. Anyway, it is nervewracking, but I think that the more therapists (and types of therapists) that know these disorders exist, the better for us all.

I just was gone for a week rebuilding homes in New Orleans. I didn’t pull all week but then pulled like crazy as soon as I got home & off the airplane. It gets so frustrating. I had a great week down there and I wish that all the good things that were happening could continue on now that I’m home.


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