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Any of you reading this, who also pull their hair, probably know exactly where this is going with a title like that.

My hair is getting very thin. I’ve done a lot of damage lately. I want to stop and yet I’m totally apathetic about using my tools. I want to be strong enough without them. But I’m not, end of story. At least not now.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to institute my “tricks” lately so that I reduce my pulling. I don’t feel like its working and then I just get more frustrated. I know in my head “one day at a time” or ” one hour at a time”, one tool at a time, what not. It’s just not working. Friday I was doing pretty darn good in the car, which was HARD. But then my check engine light came on, I stopped to check fluids, was then late for what I needed to do, and ended up pulling a lot. I actually said to myself “well, that was really stressful so I guess pulling is reasonable right now.” Seriously?

I’m pulling as I type this. Do I have a hat on my head like I should? No. Why? Because my husband is sleeping and all of my hats are in there with him. At least that’s the obvious reason. Self sabotage comes to mind as well.

Anyway, today is a new day and noon is a new hour. I need to get up, get moving, maybe work in the flower beds. The weeds deserve pulling much more than my poor hair does.


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