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I am SO mad

I just saw this commercial for H&R Block tax season.  I hate tax commercials as it is, but this one, featuring hair pulling, crosses the line.  Someone in the ad department should’ve done a little research before actually letting this ad out into the public.

I can’t even bring myself to post it on the page because that means I’ll have to  see it every time I return to my blog.  But, if you haven’t seen it yet, its posted on YouTube…as a “hilarious hairless commercial.”  I assume there’s a nod to the office here, which is part of why people think its funny.  I Don’t!



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Well, its a new year and I really have nothing to say.  No words of inspiration or wisdom.  2008 went by way too fast and I feel like I’m still stuck back in March.  I wasn’t ready for Christmas and definitely not ready for a new year.  I can’t seem to keep up with the speed of life lately.  But I’m also in a lousy mood,  so that doesn’t help anything.  There are many reasons, and I could spiel on about them for pages, but there wouldn’t be much point in that.  Mainly I feel unimportant and rejected by people who I thought cared about me, and I’m not good at letting that hurt go.  My husband pretty much slept through new years, so no parties, no toast, no kiss…nothing.  I also have four days of sitting around my house in front of me.  Most people would LOVE that.  For me, it usually means a pull-fest and so I dread it.

I spent the rest of my holidays at my parents’ house and it felt a much healthier place to be.  Plus I was spoiled by the fact they have cable, so it was fun to catch up on old shows like the OC and 90210 (the original series).  It was dorky, but a good reason to get some knitting done.  No cable at home though, and with the conversion to digital, we don’t even have CBS anymore.

So yeah, here’s hoping the rest of 2009 becomes a little more interesting and inspiring than the first day has been so far.

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