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Hair Cut

So I guess it is good news when a hair puller has to go get a hair cut.  I can’t say as that happens too often for me.  Even now, it was just taking off split ends and a bit of length in the very back so it wouldn’t look quite so stringy.   I have very little LONG hair right now.  For the most part, I have two long sections (one on top & then the nape of my neck), and the rest has been trying to grow back in.  I have been wearing bandanas and wide scarves for about a year now.  You can see my pics page for more about how my hair looked in early 2007.

But after 9 months or so of extreme “damage” to my head, it is finally starting to fill back in.  I don’t have the length, but at least now I don’t have visible bald or thin patches.

These are apparently from February (ouch):

These are from today.  I’m happy that the right side of my head can now be covered.:

Now if I could just get this spot to fill in, then I would really be happy.  But this is my most damaged area, and I don’t know whether it will ever be truly healthy and full again….especially because I still pull.  But one thin area I can deal with, its when my whole head is showing skin that I get really self conscious.  For now I just wear my bandanas and hope for the best.  At least from the back ^^ it looks like any other person with frizzy hair pulled back in a headband!

Now it all just needs to get long again.  If only it were that easy.


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