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I am sitting at the airport, waiting for the second of my three flights returning me home from the TLC retreat in California.  Since I’m bored out of my mind and have another six hours to wait/waste, I thought now was time for another post.  It has been way too long.  I hope that I might have a few new readers from the retreat as well, although I didn’t do a good job of “advertising” my URL.  If you are a retreat atendee, please comment though.  I would love to know you’re out there.

My big reason for attending the retreat, other than to update my Trich knowledge, was to offer music therapy services to other pullers.  What I was most excited about, was using my Guided Imagery and Music training to offer relaxation and self exploration opportunities at the retreat.  Despite a much colder night and an outdoor setting that I didn’t expect, I think most everyone had a positive and relaxing experience.  I know a couple of people fell asleep, and in the world of relaxation, I have to consider that a success.  I mean, some of these atendees had earlier talked about how hard it is for them to relax or get to sleep, or transition into sleep without pulling.  If they fell asleep on a hard cold chair, then I’m happy!  Although that meant they didn’t get to do the imagery portion of the session, and that’s too bad.  You’ll have to try again next time.

I got so stuck in my head preparing and prepping myself for leading, that I’m not sure I got everything out of the reatreat that I would have liked.  There are many other reasons that could be true as well, but I know concentrating on leading my sessions distracted me from truly participating in everything at some points.  I didn’t bond with others the way I would have liked, even though at times I felt like I was trying.  I just stink at being social and when I start to feel lonely or like an outsider, I start to pull away more.  At least, I didn’t feel like I did that.  I just was me, and that is all that really matters.  I put myself out there as much as I could in the moment, and I don’t need to judge whether or not it was good enough.  Maybe that’s what I really needed to learn, and I wasn’t meant to have a giant epiphany yet. 

Time will tell…..and right now the clock is telling me I can finally check in for my next flight.


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