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Lets just call my absence a hiatus so that it doesn’t sound like I”ve been slacking.  Actually, we were on vacation for a week and I got out of the habit.  Then I started to wean off of my effexor.  Needless to say it has been an interesting summer so far.  I’m experimenting with natural remedies and dietary supplements to see if that can “alter” my mood the same way the effexor can, but without the nasty synthetic chemicals and side effects.

In a brief moment of pleasant (me off of meds is generally not fun, especially for those stuck around me like my husband), I did a test run of some wig choices for a trash the dress session that I’m doing with a friend of mine next weekend.  We had a ton of fun wandering around my parents property up north and taking photos amongst the old barns & cat tails.  I thought I would for sure like one wig the best, but I just don’t know now.  I like them all and hubby’s first choice isn’t what I was leaning towards, but mostly I just want to look good and like it my real hair rather than a wig.  Luckily I don’t think any of them look too horribly fake.  There is one wig that I LOVE at least in the store, but don’t have in my hands yet to try.  So in the meantime, which do you like best?


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