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Apparently there are still people reading this blog.  Readership seemed to fall off for quite a while, so I stopped writing very much.  It is hard for me to come up with post ideas unless something really inspires me.  I’ve been busy enough lately, and working on other things, that I haven’t had a lot of trich related inspiration.  I’m still pulling quite a lot.  I started working with a new homeopath and was hoping the new remedy might give me some hope as far as pulling.  However, after starting the new remedy, I actually had stronger and more obvious urges than I really ever remember having before.  They were just really at the forefront of my thinking and extra hard to resist.  It was not cool.  Unfortunately, as it works with homeopathy, sometimes things get worse so they make you better (ie Nux Vomica taken for an upset stomach can actually make you throw up, but that is what gets the offending item out of your system faster.  Often, once you go through that bad moment, you feel tons better.). 

I haven’t had that experience with the pulling, but I’ve been doing it so long, that it could take years for the remedy to touch the urges & behavior.  Not to mention I haven’t really been using any other tools to help it along.  I’m really just living my life as it goes & if pulling gets in the way okay, but I really try not to focus on it much.  Too much stress and wasted energy comes from thinking about it all the time.  If I find something that works to reduce or eliminate my trich, I will be totally over joyed.  In the meantime, I am just trying to live the best I can in spite of it.


I posted about this book as a resource, but hadn’t yet received the copy I ordered to actually read.  I’ve now had a chance to look through it and form some opinions.

On first flip through, I was sort of surprised how wordy it was.  Once I read it, it wasn’t too overwhelming, but it definitely is more of an elementary level book than something you’d read with young kids.  I’d been hoping to read it with my nephew at some point, but he’s too young right now to even sit through it.

The pictures are bright & colorful, although I sometimes had a hard time distinguishing the dragon that pulled because there wasn’t a lot of differentiation in texture or coloring in the illustrations.  It’s a piddly thing, but we all seem to feel like we stick out so much, that I almost think it would work better as an education tool & something to empathize with, if the pictures were more obvious. (I’m thinking educational as in trying to share this book with a classroom of kids, one of whom has Trich and wants to tell peers what she’s going through.)

I was also disappointed that the story didn’t focus more on the inner feelings of the puller.  It definitely was a story for the sake of being a story, and the heroine was able to save everyone because she was a puller.  It is great & uplifting, but wasn’t what I thought I’d be getting in this book.  I guess I wanted more emotional meat that kids could learn to relate to and empathize with.  It sort of glossed over just how painful this disorder can be (emotionally) sometimes.

It probably sounds like I’m bashing this book, and that isn’t my intention.  I’m glad there’s a book like this out there.  It just wasn’t what I expected when I ordered it (especially for what I paid–double to get it through my local independent bookseller rather than Amazon).  If you have a pulling child who needs a boost in self-esteem, this is a good fit.  If you’re trying to educate other kids about this disorder, ones who don’t have Trich, then it could open a discussion, but may not answer many questions up front.

Please email or comment if you have any further questions!

I just posted the following in a thread on Facebook’s group Trichsters. (If you’re a puller and haven’t joined, do a search & ask to join the group. It is closed & totally private.) It is sort of like an online support group, but with a diverse group of pullers. It’d be a great group for research studies if there was a good way to work online. Anyway… This is what I posted & I think it is my overall philosophy of things right now. I’m pulling a lot. It stinks, but it’s okay.

I think what is truly important for anyone with trich is to seek out answers, over the years, whenever you find new resources and you feel like you want to make some forward motion. However, if you’re in a place emotionally or financially, that you just aren’t ready/able to “tackle” the trich, giving yourself the grace & freedom to just live with trich rather than letting the trich live your life for you.

We don’t understand this disorder yet, and may never. It seems to be very different for every puller (sort of like the autism spectrum…no two people with autism are the same, because we’re people first). So, you have to use the resources you have at hand, which include the ones inside of you, and just do the best you can to live a pleasant life.

A lot of these I don’t relate to because my family & friends have always been very accepting of my pulling. Maybe it is because I’m open about it that they don’t bug me about it. Maybe it is because, after 22 years, they’ve realized it isn’t likely to change. Still, if you need examples to show people of what NOT to say…here you go.

I haven’t had a chance to read or view this book yet, but I wanted to put it out there as a resource.  I think it could be especially helpful for parents & children.  Also, if you’re in a situation where you’re trying to explain pulling to a classroom, or something like this, a story might lend to better discussion & questions.

As I said, I haven’t read this, but I know it is trying to put a fun & fictional spin on a difficult topic, so check it out for yourself.  From the summaries I’ve seen, it seems like it would be applicable for skin pickers as well.









A time of twelves

If I waited a few more days, I’d have another 12 to add to this, but being in the year 2012 with just over 12,000 visits to my site seems good enough!  We have a lot of good things that happen in twelves around here.

Happy New Year by the way.  I really don’t find myself saying that much.  It seems so silly for some reason.  Even as the ball drops I feel like a dork singing it out as I toast my glass.   Our party was so quiet & slow this year I don’t think the couples even made it to each other to smooch this year.  Oh well.  At least we had friends & siblings to hang out with!!  That’s more than I can say for some holidays.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten you all.  Since the last time I posted, I even have my bottom eyelashes back.  The top is another story and we won’t even talk about head hair.  BUT, I got a fabulous designer dress at Goodwill for $6, figured out how to pull my long wig into a messy bun updo, found fabulous red shoes, and was able to go to a wedding and staff party feeling pretty fantastic.  I’ll take what I can get.

Better yet, we’ve passed the winter solstice so from here through June, we’re getting MORE LIGHT!  That can only do good things for me.  Winter has been kind to us so far, as well, so things are good.

I hope the new year is full of good things for you even if you hair isn’t quite the way you’d like it.  Let’s practice some gratitude & joy.  It can help sweep those winter blahs away.  List for me three things, you’re thankful for or find good that aren’t hair related.  Ready……GO!

Guess what?!

I’m still here! Summer has been crazy and sitting down to blog just hasn’t occurred to me much. It’s sad but true. I’m very thin right now & top eyelash-less, which stinks. I’m definitely not going to meet my goals for vacation in a month. That’s okay, I’m just focusing on being okay with the fact all of our photos will be of me in a bandana. Again. Yuck. I’m not all the way to accepting that one. I don’t want to wear a wig in the heat & sun though, either. I hate traveling with them.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for some info for people who have emailed me and was reminded of some really good posts at a time that I was blogging a lot. It was nice to see that sometimes I actually write something of substance! :-)

I hope you’re all having a good summer, staying cool, & relaxing a little. I keep hoping that if I relax, I won’t pull as much, but then I get into boredom pulling, so it can be a double edged sword. This week is a massage, though, so that should be a great, pull-free, hour!!


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